The Top Five Steps of Getting Your License

Teenagers often dream of the day when they will hit adulthood and get themselves a driving license. It is a way to celebrate freedom and to tell the world that they are now independent. You only need to pick the car keys and then you are free to go wherever you want since you know how to drive the car.

However, a mandatory prerequisite of gaining this freedom is clearing a driving test and getting a permit to drive your car. Without a valid driver’s license, driving a vehicle is illegal. Hence, a driver’s license must be obtained. Part of the process of obtaining your driver’s license is, of course, learning how to drive. You will need to enrol yourself into a few driving lessons to get the proper knowledge and expertise required to drive a car.

We have identified the top five steps to make your process of getting yourself a driving license simpler and more manageable. These steps are mentioned in the read ahead. Enjoy!

  1. The study, Study and Study!

It is never wrong to overdo with learning. The more you study, the better you will be able to retain the rules and the regulations for driving. Start preparing weeks before the actual driving classes begin. You will also have to be thoroughly prepared for the driving permit test, which means having all the related laws on your fingertips. You can also get yourself registered in some driving educational courses online, which will help you gain all the knowledge and theoretical know-how about the rules and regulations.

Online practice tests are also readily available, which will allow you to assess your level of know-how before you move on to the next obstacle. Once the course completes, hold on to the certificate since you will need it in the next phase of getting yourself a learner’s permit.

  1. Practice Behind The Wheel:

Driving a car is a practical thing. Even though learning the rules and regulations is of utmost importance, how you retain, recall, and apply those rules while driving is the most critical factor. We all know that with practice comes perfection. You will never have all the driving skills and expertise in one go. It will take rides upon rides to polish your skills to a proficient level. You need to make sure you know all the aspects of driving correctly to apply them as and when required.

Behind-the-wheel training helps you achieve a level of confidence and understanding of the road sense. Reading about the rules is a different thing and applying these rules practically is way different. Certain aspects of driving may require several attempts to understand, such as parallel parking, reverse parking, etc. These aspects are all judged during the driving test; hence, you must practice these thoroughly.

Many driving lessons providers give excellent behind the wheel practice sessions. Just pick the one you find the best and is close to your home, and you can quickly become a pro in driving in very less time.

  1. Get a Learner’s Permit:

Once you have thoroughly studied all the rules and regulations of driving and have completed the required behind-the-wheel training, the next phase is to get the learner’s permit. Learner’s permit allows you to drive the car under the supervision of a licensed parent or guardian. Often different countries have different age limits for issuing a learner’s permit. The driver’s permit would require you to complete a designated number of driving hours before you become eligible for your driving license.

However, before you are issued a learner’s permit, you may have to pass a vision and knowledge exam. You may also need to submit your driver’s course and behind-the-wheel completion certificate. You may also need to provide other details as required by the specific body issuing the permit. If you fulfil all the desired requirements, you will be issued the permit, and you may start practising. It will bring you one step nearer in achieving your full-on driving license.

  1. Practice Some More:

Now that you have received your driving permit, you can practice more on the road. Get hold of a licensed parent or guardian and get practising. Often you would be required to have a defined number of on-the-road hours after you are issued the driving license. Different jurisdictions have a different number of hours you need to have under your belt before you are eligible to apply for a full-on driving license.

The next step, which is the driving test, will be the make or break for you. Therefore, you must gain all the practice you can before you apply for a driving test. Drive the car with a parent or guardian who knows how to drive well. Ask them things that confuse you and make it a habit of observing everything that goes on the road. Once you get to driving alone, you will be responsible for the safety of yourself and other people on the street. Therefore, making yourself extremely proficient before hitting the road is crucial.

  1. Get the License!

We are finally at the last step and what a relief, we are going to get the driving license. It is the phase where you get to taste the sweet fruits of all your hard work and practice. Once you do with completing the required number of hours on your permit, you become eligible to apply for a driving test.

Before you go for the test, though, make sure you prepare yourself in detail. In certain countries, it costs a lot to take an attempt at the driving test, and you do not want to waste all that money. Be sure that you have achieved the level of expertise needed to pass the test. Additionally, polish other skills as well, such as confidence, observation, etc.

Confidence is an essential factor if you want to achieve anything in life. It also applies to score a pass on your driving test. The driving test will be taken by an assessor who would be accompanying you on the drive. They would usually ask you to perform several different activities to make sure you can drive the car well. There are commonly certain parts of a driving test such as parallel parking, reverse parking, etc. that the assessment officer would conduct to judge your skills level. Keeping your calm and applying all the gained knowledge, you can ensure that you pass the driving test swiftly.


Passing your driving test and achieving the freedom to drive on your own is not just a wish but a basic necessity on the way to becoming independent. Getting a driving license is also not very difficult; follow the five steps as mentioned earlier to acquire the freedom to drive your car alone.