5 Wedding Themes That Are Trending In 2020

Weddings for the last few millennia have had a few familiar elements. However, no matter how much things stay the same, people are always finding new ways to put a unique spin on this tradition. Every year, different trends emerge as new ideas become popular. From San Diego charter boat weddings to more inclusive menus, these are what to expect in 2020.

1) Green Weddings

People are growing increasingly environmentally conscious as the discussion of how humans impact the world continues. Many young couples are opting out of the excess and glamor of previous decades and instead focusing on hosting green weddings.

Expect to see a greater number of outdoor weddings taking advantage of naturally beautiful sites. Also, many weddings will have upcycled and other low-impact decorations. Some couples may even aim for the admirable goal is zero waste.

2) Charter Boats

Speaking of enjoying nature, one way to do that is to charter a boat for the ceremony and reception. This is an especially common trend in areas such as Southern California. Getting out on the ocean is a great way to set a calming and unique mood for the event.

For a boat wedding San Diego is one of the perfect spots. The warm weather and pleasant seas have always made it a popular nautical destination. Of course, you can enjoy a charter boat wedding anywhere with a coast, especially during the summer.

3) Self-Serve Drinks

Many weddings are getting smaller and more casual. Couples are more conscientious about their spending and the amount of waste an event can create. Therefore, they are opting for ideas like self-serve drinks.

This shouldn’t be mistaken for putting out a cooler with a few cans in it. Instead, this is growing more popular with pre-mixed cocktails, especially signature drinks. A nice, dressed-up drink serving station can add a classy, convenient and simple touch to any wedding.

4) Inclusive Menus

People who have dietary restrictions have often found themselves out of luck at weddings. Conventional catering usually provides two or three choices. In some cases, vegetarians could order a plant-based meal. Those with allergies or who are vegan may find it a struggle to eat.

Couples are growing more mindful of this and planning more inclusive menus. This may be achieved by using a more complete, restaurant-like menu. For private dining San Diego has some great options to suit this trend.

5) Intimate Weddings

People are less enamored with the big, over-the-top, traditional wedding these days. Many couples are choosing to host more intimate affairs with smaller guest lists. This is partially driven by people getting married later and paying for their own weddings more often.

Expect to see more small-scale and even micro weddings during 2020. Close friends and family may be the only attendees.

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Find out more about the latest trends in weddings in California and the rest of the country. They could help you plan the perfect event for your own nuptials. Whether you want to head out on the waves or get married under a tree, these trends are worth keeping in mind.