Top practical tips on car shipping

Having a professional car carrier sending your car or truck is a convenient and reliable way to move it around the country. You can use this service when moving, driving a car from storage, or buying a car from a distance.

Here are the best, practical tips for getting a great deal and ensuring that your car is shipped quickly and safely. Whatever your case is – delivering a car bought on eBay auto auctions or shipping a car to drive it while having vacations in California – the more you know about how shipment works, the more informed and effective decision you will make.

You Should Compare Prices

Much like any service, you are likely to get what you pay for at a car transport company. However, if you have a realistic budget in mind, you can compare fares with different carriers to get a good deal.

Many sites make it easy by offering upfront quotes from leading carriers, or you can list your cargo and wait for competing bids.

Red flags should be raised if a company asks for a Deposit! An exclusive and reputable car carrier often does not require a deposit. However, instead asks for payment when the car is dropped off or picked up.

It allows you to ensure that you are getting the service you expect and give you the option to back off if they don’t meet your expectations.

Check Your Carrier’s Feedback Online

When comparing quotes, you should evaluate carriers based on their experience, authority, licensing, and insurance.

Any legal carrier should be registered with the Department of Transport and have valid vehicle carrier credentials. Google and Better Business Bureau are great resources for feedback from previous clients.

When transporting a car, you risk thousands of dollars. You need to use a transport company that you can trust. You should consult your friends, family, and local dealers for recommendations.

You should also use car forums and review websites to make sure that you choose a car transport company that will offer you a quality service.

Confirm Your Carrier’s Liability

Today’s leading car transport companies should insure your car while it is in their possession to cover their bases. One way to distinguish a good shipping company from a mediocre one is to check their shipping policy.

It would help if you stayed far away from any company that doesn’t have at least a six-figure insurance policy.

If you are looking for the best, you’ll probably want to find a company that insures your car for at least $ 100,000.

It’s better to be over-insured than under-insured. For this reason, your transport company should not be your only source of insurance. It is advisable to contact your car insurance company to find out your delivery coverage.

Your vehicle insurance should not be the single coverage you have during the delivery process. However, this is a good thing to have, especially if you are getting into a dispute with a transport company about damages incurred on the road.

It is always better that your carrier provide an insurance certificate. This certificate must include liability coverage amounts, employee compensation, and cargo limits.

Beware Of Brokers

Vehicle transport brokers are something that most people don’t know about when they ship their first car. So what is a car transport broker? These are companies that offer your cargo to a group of other shipping companies.

When you do business with a car transport broker, you don’t know which carrier or car driver they are going to use. Unfortunately, clients often suffer in the hands of these scammers because the cars are delivered with below-average drivers who lack customer service and transportation skills.

The equipment used may differ significantly in quality, depending on the company that the order is mediated by. The trailer might use ramps instead of hydraulic lift gates, which may damage vehicles with low clearance.

They may also be missing oil drip trays, car covers, floor mats, etc. If you have problems with your car, you will go through two separate companies just to get help. Therefore, yous should meet the driver you trust with your car. Don’t be fooled by these companies!

Protect Your Vehicle From The Elements

If you have a vintage, exotic, classic, or luxury car, you will want to order either a fully enclosed transport (closed trailer) or have your car “top loaded.”” Top loading usually costs a little more, but your car will travel on the carrier’s upper deck, where contact with road debris and auto fluid is less likely.

Closed trailers have lifting gates for vehicles with low clearance and are less likely to be damaged or stolen.

Open trailers are generally cheaper, but transported vehicles are susceptible to damage, theft, road debris, and weather.

Cars on open trailers are usually secured with chains, while reputable closed car transport companies use nylon belts or wheel meshes to prevent damage.

Be careful of companies that use chains to protect their vehicles. Chains are often put on the axle of a car, which can cause a heavy load on that vehicle, especially if they are too tight. If the chains are loosened, they can knock on the car for the whole way – on every ditch and pothole.

Preparing Your Car For Transporting

Once you have chosen a car transport company and feel comfortable, it’s time to prepare for shipment.

Car carriers usually charge a non-use fee if the vehicle cannot enter and exit the trailer. By making sure that there is gas in the tank and that your battery is fully charged, you can prevent being charged this fee.

You should also check the antifreeze level to ensure that it meets the climatic conditions that the car will withstand during transport to avoid cracks in the engine block or other problems.

It is also not recommended to carry additional items in the car, as if they are not properly secured, these items may cause damage.

You Should Inspect The Car Before Pick-up And Take Photos

It is advisable to inspect your car before the carrier arrives and note any mechanical or visible problems. It is useful to take well-lit photos of your car from different angles.

Fortunately, the industry has a damage rate of less than 3%, so you probably won’t have to deal with photos at all.

Give The Driver Additional Information About Your Car

Explain to the driver any “fancy” things in your car, such as switches, alarms, switches, and brakes that only work when the engine runs.

The more information the driver has, the easier it will be for them to safely deliver Your car across the country and prevent unnecessary chances of break downs. Written instructions are handy!

Take Everything Out Of Your Vehicle

Before your car is loaded, you will need to empty it. There are many reasons you can’t use your car to transport your belongings while on the carrier.

All of them are related to safety— weighting your car increases its weight and, most often, your items can bounce in transport and get damaged.

Agree On A Reliable Delivery And Pickup

There are a few things to agree upon for delivery and pickup. Here are some recommendations:


You should understand how and where your car will be loaded. Some companies offer door-to-door car transport, but this does not necessarily mean that the vehicle will be delivered directly to your door.

Contact your carrier to find out if their truck and trailer can travel to your business or residence. Some streets and roads may not be accessible, so you may need to meet at an agreed location.

Keep A Realistic Timeline

To make sure your car arrives when you need it, you will need to plan—sometimes several weeks in advance.

Most trucking companies require a certain timeframe for scheduling a pickup and delivery when sending the car.

It is often at least 5-7 days because cargo transportation is not like airlines, trucks run on different routes every day, and variables are much higher, such as weather, traffic, and customer schedules.

If your car delivery needs to coincide with a certain event, such as a birthday or car show, you need to mention this to the car delivery company and your truck driver to make sure they can match these dates.

Strict planning can increase the cost of delivering your car. Patience is also a key factor. Unlike standard parcel delivery, unexpected delays may occur.

Do A Thorough Inspection

When your car gets picked up, the driver should inspect it and note any pre-existing damage, marks, or dents.

Once delivered, you or a trusted representative should inspect your car and note any damage caused during the car’s transportation before signing the contract. If you notice any damage, you must file a claim with the car transport company.

To Sum Up

Whether you are selling your car, buying a new one, or moving to a new job or house, using a transport company is convenient and reliable to get your car to where it needs to be.

Driving on your own could be fun and exciting – you might have fun and see nice views, but sometimes it’s not worth it in terms of cost and safety.

You should choose the right company to work with to ensure that your car arrives safely. Having a positive experience is essential and can be achieved by preparing and following these practical tips.