Rose Burillo – Tips on Staying Safe in Mexico City

Despite what you may have heard about the safety levels for tourist in Mexico City the reality isn’t actually as bad as you may realize. Much of the figures which are given relate to those gang on gang situations which so many cities around the world have. In fact as a tourist there is not too high a chance of something happening to you, and if you have your wits about you then you will be in an even better position.

Having lived here for some time now, I have learned how to go about things in order to stay as safe as possible. I was lucky to have my friend Rose Burillo teach me the ropes, and now I want to pass the same on to any of you who may be coming to visit.

Standard Common Sense

The first point to make here is that you should follow the same common sense rules that you would use no matter where you were traveling to, especially if you were going to a big city. This means not carrying your high end jewelry around at all times, storing items like phones and cameras in valuable pockets and not doing too much to draw attention to yourself unecessarily.

Knowing The Zones

Mexico City, much like most cities on the planet, has some areas which just make no sense going to and where you will be more at risk. Areas like Itzapalapa and Tepito for example can be dangerous if you don’t know your way around, and in these places you can quickly appear like a target. This is not to say that if you go there something will definitely happen, but the probability does increase. When it comes to staying safe, it is always best to play the percentages.

Metro System

The safest way to travel in the city is to use a ride sharing app, beyond this you will get a good service on the Metrobus. The smaller busses and the metro however, are where you should approach with caution. The metro can be a great way to travel and I am not saying that you shouldn’t, not at all. The key however is to always be cautious of who is around you and where your bag is. Because many stations are not policed and because of the fact that much of the underground is a touch darker, it can be a happy hunting ground for petty criminals.

ATM Crime

And finally if you are going to use an ATM then be sure that you do so inside the bank itself, rather than at an outside machine. The reason for this is that we see quite a bit of skimming going on here and that can lead to a problem which you simply don’t need. This again is a tip which is worth following in other cities around the world too, as skimming is a common way for people to take money.

The reality is that this has the same dangers as most big cities, keep that in mind and you will have absolutely nothing to worry about.