Six Places to Visit in London

London is one of the most beautiful and most famous cities from Europe, and it managed to establish itself as a hub for artists, business people, and teach heads, among many others; attracting each year more and more like-minded people.

Besides the reputation that the British people have of being heavy drinkers of tea, and heavy drinkers of beer; London is about more than just that. Even if the city is hosting a large number of pubs and coffee shops, with some of the best tea and beer in the world, London is also the host of other many more tourist attractions that will surely steal your eyes, and potentially even your heart. Check-out some famous scary places here at Mysterious Heartland – Haunted Places.

Because we want to showcase the best of London, here is our list with the six places that we think you should visit if possible.

London Eye

London Eye has become a landmark for the city, drawing in every year thousands of tourists eager to have some fun and see London from an entirely different angle. The best time to try out the Ferris wheel is at night when the London Eye is lit up in dozens of seasonal colors. You can either take a ride with a bigger group of tourists, or you can go on a private ride with select people that you care about.

Hyde Park

Remember when I mentioned above that London is a hub for bright minds? Well, you will be able to find many of them here, Hyde Park is the most famous park from London, and easily one of the biggest. This spot from London is often occupied with demonstrations, protests, and debates, some more intellectually engaging than other.

The park is also a great place for entertainment since it is constantly hosting performance artists, and it also has two lakes where people can paddle.

The Ritz Club London

Even if London is not the most famous city in the world for gambling, the city still managed to establish himself a reputation in the gambling world thanks to the many prestigious casinos that it has. One of these casinos is The Ritz Club, a luxurious hotel that has a small casino in its basement.

Even if the online slots are stealing away more gamblers every day, The Ritz still has a vibrant community, and on growing user base. But, keep in mind, the casino has a dress code so, make sure to wear your best outfit if you want to get in.

The hotels built under The Ritz brand around the world, over 90 in total, are very famous because of their luxury but, the one from London is the most well-known.


Westminster is a place that you must visit regardless if you are into politics or not. This sport from London is hosting the House of Parliament and the world-famous Big Ben. These iconic spots are opened to the public most days, so make sure to check them out, along with the Parliament Square where statues of famous people such as Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill are featured.

The Guinea Grill

London is also known around the world for their great beers, and their beer drinking culture and The Guinea Grill is the perfect place to illustrate that. You will be able to find in here, after the working hours, many people from different backgrounds and industries enjoying a pint of beer together. The pub even has a picture on the wall of Prince Charles sneaking in a beer

The Hippodrome Casino

The design of this building is surely a sight to behold. Since opening its doors, the Hippodrome was used for a wide variety of entertainment venues such a theatre and music hall. However, since 2009, after an extensive restoration program, it became one of the most well known land-based casinos. As soon as you enter, you will be amazed of the interior. The theatre design still remains, however, it now hosts a wide variety of casino games such as poker, various table games and slots.

One other detail that makes this casino stand apart is that almost everybody can enter, as it requires a minimal attire code and no membership. Even for people who are not interested in gambling, the Hippodrome Casino should be on anybody’s list of places to visit in London.


London is home for many spots worth visiting, and a cheerful community that will make you love this city. It has everything that you might need to have a great trip, from Ferris rides to intellectual debates, amazingly-looking casinos, and lots of tasty tea and beer.

There are many more great places to be seen in London but, we tried to narrow our list down to these six spots that we think are capturing the British experience and lifestyle very well.