Best Places to Stay while Visiting New England

Some make their way to New England for the history, beaches, or the food. And who can forget about all the forests to explore? Acadia National Park is a one famous example, but of course that’s not the only option for tourists looking to get themselves completely immersed in the wilderness.

Regardless of what brings guests to New England, as with any trip, everyone is looking to get the most out of their stay. That means planning ahead, whether it is only for the weekend or if you’ll be there for weeks on end. For those unsure where to go in New England, here’s a few of the best must-see places in the northeastern United States.

Boston, MA

If you sound like the type of traveler that’s looking to get to one area and stay put, flat out there’s no beating Boston. Whatever passions drive you in your daily life, there’s an outlet for it in a city like this. Do you crave rich history? Boston obviously checks that one off the list thanks to the likes of the Granary Burial Ground, Bunker Hill, the Freedom Trail and more.

Want the ability to see a sports game no matter the time of year? The Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics all help to check that off the list, Even if not every team exactly plays within the city per se, Boston is still one of the best cities in the United States for a sports lover to spend a weekend.

Bar Harbor, ME 

Not everyone is going to know the town, but everyone is going to know what’s right next to it – the earlier mentioned Acadia National Park. Having a National Park next door sure doesn’t hurt Bar Harbor’s tourism but the town itself does plenty to stand on its own. As you’d expect anywhere in New England, the downtown is as quante as it gets with restaurants, shops and plenty to see.

For those only there to see the park, and the rugged wilderness that comes with it, the comforts of town don’t have to get in the way if that’s not what you envisioned. There’s plenty of options for cabin rentals in Maine, throughout the entire state, and the greater Bar Harbor area is no exception.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Tourists looking to make the most of their summer vacation, head to Martha’s Vineyard and don’t think twice about it. Before you know it, you’ll be in one of two places, a beach or a winery, and if Martha’s Vineyard is calling your name, there’s no other places you’d rather be anyways. With a little careful planning, there maybe won’t even be the need to choose between the two.\

Since not everyone loves the heat, it’s important to note that there’s still plenty to see and explore in Martha’s Vineyard even if you are there during a colder or rainer part of the year. As you’d expect nearly anywhere in New England, there’s plenty of theaters, art galleries, and lighthouses to visit.