William Huyler – Why Harry Kane Will Leave Spurs

As much as Spurs fans don’t want to admit it, the reality is that this summer will see the departure of their star man Harry Kane. I have been talking about this all summer with my podcast partner William Huyler and we have very much decided that there is nothing Spurs can do about the situation.

There was a glimmer of hope at one stage that the star man may stay, but as the days and weeks have rolled on it is quite clear that this just isn’t going to be good for Spurs. Here then is exactly why the star man will be on his way.

Manager Situation

One of the few things that Spurs may have been able to do in order to keep Kane was to bring in a heavyweight manager who could convince the Spurs man to stay. At one stage it looked like Antonio Conte was coming to Spurs, a proven winner who has just lifted the Serie A title with Inter Milan. This surely would have been enough to keep Kane to stay, yet Daniel Levy had other ideas. Spurs are now in a situation whereby they are on their 20th option on the shortlist for their new manager, and they may not even get him. This uncertainty makes Spurs look foolish and Kane will not want to stay at such a club.

Convincing Players

There is no doubt that this Spurs side needs a big overhaul, yet there just isn’t enough money in the kitty to make it happen. Even if Spurs do get a huge fee for Kane, other clubs will now how much Spurs are sitting on and price their players accordingly. If however a club like Manchester City comes in with a bid for cash, and throws some high quality players the other way, Spurs could make that rebuild happen in a much easier way. There is no doubt that the big clubs have players they are trying to get rid of who would fit in perfectly for the North London club. This could certainly be a tempting factor for Daniel Levy.

Spending Time With England

As Harry Kane spends time with players at England he is going to be reminded of all of the success which those players have. Many of those players are younger and less talented than Kane too. The Chelsea boys with their Champions League win, the Liverpool and City boys with their tales of winning the title, all of this will add fuel to the fire. Kane wants to, and completely deserves to win things in his career, and in order to do that he knows that he simply has got to leave the North London side.

Despite the fact that he is still under contract for 2 more years, ultimately there will be too much pressure on Spurs to sell, and that is why we expect Kane to be on his way this summer, without any shadow of a doubt.