Will Virtual Reality Change the Way we Travel and Shop? 

Virtual reality is an amazing new technology. People have been trying to make virtual reality worlds for decades. It has only been in the recent years that the technology has advanced to such a state to make it possible. VR is no longer a toy, or a fad, it is a reality. It will change how we do so many things. From travel to shopping, it will become a major part of our lives.


Imagine being able to watch a fashion show as if you were in front of the runway. You can with VR already, it is possible today to do this. Soon it will be possible to scan yourself into VR, and change the outfit you’re wearing so you can see yourself from the outside. You can change your make up, or your hairstyle, decide your best look. I don’t mean look at a photograph of yourself, I mean stand there and look at yourself in the room as if you had an identical twin. You will no longer have to visit an auto dealer to see what the different cars are. You could call up a Ferrari, walk around the car and examine it, or even sit in it and see how it feels. Anything you want can be presented to you from the privacy of your own home and your virtual world. The possibilities are so amazing that they are frightening.


Instead of having to look at photographs on a screen for a hotel or a resort, you can put the headset on and stand there in the room, or by the pool, and really see what it feels like. You can go to world events, such as Mardi Gras, and not have to deal with the plane and the crowds. You can pick and choose what places you wish to go and those that you just wish to visit virtually. It will change the way we see travel. For those that are unable to travel, it will change their lives. Imagine being confined to a hospital bed, but then being able to sit on a beach in Hawaii and watch the waves. There are just so many possibilities. Even traveling on an airplane, the virtual world enters into our existence. Instead of being stuck in that tight little seat, watching a tiny little screen in front of you for whatever movie is playing, you can wear a headset and be sitting in a concert hall. You can watch a movie on a big screen, or be sitting on a chair watching the sunset.

There is no end to the possibilities of virtual reality. If your reality is not what you wish it to be, you can change it to whatever you want it to be. We are still in the very early stages of the area, but the quality of the experience is amazing. It is believable and acceptable. Over the next decade, the headsets are only going to get smaller, and the quality of the experience is only going to get better. We can hardly wait.