Why Workers Are Looking For More Virtual Positions in 2022

Virtual positions seem to be skyrocketing, and employers are shocked to see people requesting to work from home nearly as much as at the peak of the pandemic in 2020.  Although there are still tons of workers available in person: why are so many turning to virtual work?

Here’s everything you need to know about why workers are looking for more virtual positions in 2022.

New Covid Variants and Monkeypox

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of so many people, there are still many Covid variants going around, and they seem to change every day.  Even if you have all of your shots, catching these viruses can be uncomfortable and leave you feeling desperately ill.  Beyond that, Monkeypox is starting to really get a footing in major cities, which is terrifying since it’s such a disfiguring illness.  Many are choosing to stay home rather than risk this.

The Need to Be Close to Family

Times are uncertain, and from the global changes to the ones within America, it’s easy to see why many people are clinging tighter to their families and wanting to spend more time with loved ones.  Many virtual workers are quick to pick jobs that allow them to stay home with their kids or spouses, so they don’t have to miss out on this time with them every day.

This is allowing for more coparenting and better help for kids who wouldn’t have as much family interaction otherwise.

The Expense of Transit

Although gas prices have slowed down: transit is still expensive!  The cost of getting around is often too much to make driving to and from any location daily feel like it isn’t worth it.  Beyond gas, the cost of cars and car insurance have both risen by incredible amounts.

Instead of having to get stuck in gridlock or dealing with traffic for an hour out of every day, virtual workers get to clock in from home and stay there.

The Chance to Work Multiple Jobs

Working virtually means you have the chance to work multiple jobs, as long as your company doesn’t track how you use your time.  This is an awesome chance for many workers to bring in a high income and have far more money to work with than they would if they had to devote all of their time to one office.

Talent acquisition firms want to avoid letting this happen since it drops the employee’s ability to focus as much on their roles, but employees are reaping the benefits here.

The Flexibility for Moving

The cost of living in the United States continues to rise as we’re racing towards an economic drop.  Unfortunately, this means many people can’t afford to live where some of the best paying jobs are.  Instead of having to stick it out or live with three or more roommates, many are turning to work virtually, and then moving to areas that are far more affordable.  This gives them the chance to live in larger homes and watch their dollar go further while still getting to work a high-paying job.

There’s Nothing Like Going Virtual

Going virtual gives both employers and employees the chance to get the best work done!  Consider making the switch soon!