6 Hacks to Improvise Supply-chain Performance

Any product no matter how great needs to reach its customer for it to be really successful. Imagine what good would a product be, if the purpose it was supposed to serve doesn’t get served. 

For this very reason, your business needs good supply chain management. A supply chain takes care of everything from supplying you with raw material to supplying your end client with the final product. Notice how we say end client because for your product to be successful, it must serve its purpose to your end-users. 

For instance, those who supply nuts and bolts need to have a utility for car manufacturers as well as most electricians. 

Thus, you need an efficient supply chain management to not just help your retailers but also your end-users. The following are some easy yet necessary things you should do to ensure your supply chain management goes flawlessly:

Get the right material 

Or our product to really “fly” with the audience, you must use only the best ingredients to make it. Think of it like cooking a nice dish but with rotten perishables, wouldn’t be so nice, right? We know you probably already use the best you can; however, in the name of cost-cutting, some enterprises cut far too much and present shoddy work. This, in turn, affects their own revenue. So, in the name of cost-cutting, do not cut your profits, name, and business. 

Invest in transportation

You need a sufficiently good transport system to not just get your raw materials but also send your deliverables to your retailers. For this purpose, you should invest in your own commercial vehicles, professional drivers, and supporting insurers. God forbid, if your vehicle were to meet an accident you would like to be in a position where paying for the material and living damage happens without much inconvenience. This is why you need a good insurance scheme. 

Invest in technology

An SCMS model has way too many stages- Production, Packaging, Shipping, Following-up, just to name a few! You want to make sure everything happens perfectly without any glitches. You also want to make sure your clientele expands. You also need a mechanism to handle replacements, tickets, etc. or all this; you need a reliable Enterprise Resource Planning tool such as ComActivity. To know more about how it can help you, click here.

Speak to your users

So, if you are in the business of nuts and bolts, for instance, you would not just like to speak to your end users but also your wholesalers. You should ask them for general feedback over your product. This conversation would bring healthy communication with your suppliers, and they will ensure that your product gets the limelight you deserve. 

You could use a smart tool such as ComActivity to send out regular emails to stay in touch with your end-users. You could schedule meetings and get notifications plus reminders beforehand. These little things would help you become more punctual and trust-worthy. 

Train your workforce

Let’s admit it: Our workforce is our biggest asset, perhaps, even bigger than our products themselves! Thus, you should give your workforce the right training with respect to work and safety. You may be dealing with heavy machinery, ensure that your workers know how to use it right. With changing times, all industries have started changing too. Your workforce needs to stay in touch with all these changes.

Ensure safety for your workforce

Simply training won’t do. As their employer, you should provide them with safety gear which keeps them protected against all ominous odds. Find out what are the safety requirements, like PPE, safety helmets, safety boots, etc., needed for your surroundings, and provide them to your workforce well in time.