Shiftsmart – 5 Benefits You Can Enjoy When You Work Remotely

Working remotely is something that many of us have been doing over the past year. While it takes a lot of getting used to, it’s time we began to explore this arrangement in depth. Working remotely is incredibly beneficial, especially with companies like Shiftsmart, helping connect remote workers with potential employers.

On that note, here are five benefits you can enjoy when working remotely. 

No More Commuting

When you work remotely, commuting becomes a thing of the past. No longer do you have to sit on a bus or train for hours on end, wasting your time. Commuting is so necessary for many of us. However, thanks to the lifestyle options which remote working offers, traveling to and from the office is no longer required. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also save money.

Money-Saving Benefits

Aside from money saved from no longer going to and from the office, people who work remotely will also be free of other everyday expenses such as food and professional office attire. These things will not be necessary any longer since you’re at home most of the time.

Work-Life Balance

We can have a far better work-life balance through remote work because we can spend more time at home. Whether it be spending time with the kids or having more much-needed “me time,” you won’t feel your life revolves around work. And this is a big deal.


It’s been found that most of the people who work from home are significantly happier than those who have to go to the office. This is because of lower stress levels from commuting, the ability to feel comfortable at home, and the autonomy and freedom to get on with the job.

Improved Inclusivity

Many people think they’ll feel isolated working from home, but the reality is very different. There are often groups and factions in the workplace, which don’t exist anymore. You’ll find it easier to work with your colleagues, and you are much more likely to feel included rather than excluded in the workplace.

These are just some of the benefits of working remotely.