6 Must Haves For Safety While Working on Site

The life of a construction worker is not the most hunky-dory. There is a lot of risks attached to working on heights with heavy machines and hazardous materials scattered all around you. If you somehow manage to dodge all the bullets, you may still bear the ill-effects of noise/light over-exposure, which is a basic yet pertinent issue for most construction employees.

This makes it necessary for the on-site workers to wear special gear to protect themselves in case of an accident. The importance of protective gear is also emphasised upon by the number of deaths in the construction sector. In the years 2003–13, 401 workers died on-site, a majority of which was due to falling from heights. Though every worker’s gear can be different depending upon the job he/she does, there are certain items that are essential for all. 

1. Helmets

Helmets are the first item you think of when you picture a construction site and rightly so. Since any injury to the head could be fatal, the helmet is something you just cannot think of going without. Apart from guaranteeing basic protection from injuries, the helmet also protects from heat in case the workers are called on a hot sunny day. Furthermore, they are often colour-coded to help you distinguish between the different departments working on the site.

2. Utility tool belt

While not a mandatory item on the gear list, a tool belt is something you won’t regret getting to work. The belt not only helps you organise every tool but also, keeps them closer to the body, which saves a ton of time and energy. There are several kinds of belts one can pick from, but the basic ones would also do just fine if your work does not involve any intricate tools. The more tools you need, the more slots you need on your belt. Moreover, the smaller your tools get, the higher your belts need to rank on the parameters of tool handling.

3. Boots

Construction work requires a lot of standing and walking the entire day. In such conditions, a comfortable pair of boots is essential. The boots suitable for a construction site would be both safe and of good quality. You wouldn’t want to get hurt, so a pair of tough and comfortable boots are what you’re looking for. There are several types of boots to choose from; you can hit up a good shoe store or visit website to find the boots that suit you the best.

4. Safety Gloves 

When working on a construction site, you get your hands in and out of many potential hazards. This may include electrical work, chemical exposure, or even burns. To protect your hands, you must definitely wear protective gloves customised for your specific tasks. Even if you aren’t dealing with major work, a small cut can lead to infection and other problems. To prevent this, wearing basic protective gloves is necessary.

5. Face shields

Now, face shields may not be a gear that you always require, but it should always be on-site, just in case, the situation demands it. Eye and face protection should never be compromised on, especially when working with hazardous chemicals, sparks or heat. In case you are working in an environment with high-intensity lights, you also require tinted goggles along with the face shield.

6. Fall protection gear

Most construction site accidents occur by falling from heights. Fall protection gear is a rope of sorts, which is attached to a person who is going to be working at heights above6 feet. Fall protection gears should be of appropriate length to protect the worker if there is any mishap.

Construction jobs are not easy. It is a lot of hard work, and sometimes, it can be very dangerous, However, with the right gear, one can work both safely and comfortably. Always remember to put safety at utmost priority in all situations, and make sure your employer sustains good quality working conditions.