Why Fining Waste Segregation Violators Isn’t Going to Work

It might be a good idea to pass laws that force people to change their ways. For instance, segregating trash is important. The problem is that a lot of people don’t understand the effect of mixed trash in a landfill. They don’t care about their trash at all. Some local governments decided to fine those who couldn’t follow this simple policy. Others issued orders to government trash collectors to refuse unsegregated trash. 

It’s a simple solution, and it should work. However, it could also backfire. The reason why a lot of people don’t segregate trash is that they don’t understand the consequences of their actions. Fining them won’t make them realize their mistakes. It will only embolden them to go against any policy protecting the environment. Segregating trash is an inconvenience for them, and they don’t want to do it. They might even argue that it’s adversely affecting their rights. 

Others are also capable of paying these fines. The amount is way too low for some people to feel threatened. They would rather pay than go through the process of waste segregation. 

Raise awareness 

The first thing that the government should do is to educate people. There need to be more awareness drives so that they will realize that what they’re doing is wrong. They don’t need to fear the policy if they know they can do the right thing anyway. Even kids in school also need to learn what to do. They have to receive proper training on waste segregation at their age. 

Conduct other projects

Some people don’t feel comfortable with segregating trash as a step to help the environment. However, they might be happy to help in other ways. It doesn’t mean you exempt them from proper waste segregation, but you give them the opportunity to also help in other environmental conservation efforts. Governments shouldn’t only focus on one aspect to save the environment, but on several projects that could involve a lot of people. 

Keep doing the right thing

It’s disappointing to know that many people don’t care about the environment even if we know that it’s already badly damaged. Despite their lack of concern, you can’t lose hope. You need to keep doing the right thing. You might not save the world, but your actions have small effects on other organisms. You’re still doing something positive when you do the right thing. As such, you have to continue proper waste segregation at home. Teach your kids how to do it correctly. You can also hire Evergreen Junk Removal if you need help with the pile of junk you need to remove from your house. 

Eventually, people will realize that they’re wrong when they start to feel the wrath of Mother Nature. You can actively campaign to ensure that they change their actions, but you might not succeed. There could be other ways for them to realize they’re wrong and start to change their bad behavior.