ISPMB – Why Burros Are Causing Problems in Texas

Each year I like to give a certain donation each month to a local charity here in Texas, and on the recommendation of a friend last year I began to give to the ISPMB. This stands for the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros and it is a fascinating group who do great work.

Simply put they will look to get rid of burros which are roaming wild in the state, and rehouse them in captivity. There are man reasons why this is so important here in Texas, which we are going to take a look into today.

Confusion of the Name

If you are confused as to what a burro is, you are not alone. Basically the word burro in Spanish does mean donkey, yet in the English language we use both terms. The donkey is exactly what you think it is, but the burro is used to describe these wild donkeys which we see here in Texas, these are the animals causing the problems.

Not Local, Not Protected

Now it may sound cruel when we talk about trying to get rid of a certain animal species from an area, but here in Texas there is good reason why the burros have got to go. The first point to make is that they are not from these lands, and that is actually making it tough on the burros themselves. These are animals which have no level of protection under state law, yet their actions threaten the natural wildlife which we have here, many of which are protected.

Toxic Water 

There is a symbiotic relationship with the animals which have always lived here, and they are able to co-exist in perfect harmony. Unfortunately however the burros are yet to really understand this, because they are not from here. One of the most dangerous things that they do is leave droppings in the waters around the state, which give it a level of toxicity which flora and fauna are not used to. Given the sheer volume of animals which depend on our rivers and streams, this causes a bigger problem than just some donkeys pooping in the river.

Future Growth

The reason why we have burros in the state is that they have been left behind by ranchers, or even let go in some cases. Often these burros will wander across the border from Mexico and try to make themselves a home here, yet this just can’t work. The main reason why we need to clear out the burros from the state is that the longer they stay here, the higher the risk is that they begin to mate, and the problem then begins to grow very quickly.

We have to make sure that the delicate eco-systems in place are protected, and that those wildlife species which have a level of protection are looked after. In getting rid of the burros, this is exactly what we will be able to do.