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5 Easy Steps to Make Your Home Look like It Was Decorated by a Professional

With the fees that professional decorators charge, it’s enough to make someone angry if they want to do something with their décor. But don’t get mad – get creative!

The fact is, you can do a few simple things inexpensively that will make your friends and visitors think that you did hire a decorator.

This brings us to the purpose of this article. We will show five ways to make your apartments for rent in billings mt look like it was decorated by a professional.

  1. Area Rug

For example, let’s say you have an arrangement of furniture focused on the fireplace. You have a sofa on one side, a coffee table in the center, and a sofa on the opposite side.

It probably looks great, but to turn up the decorative volume, get a natural fiber area rug large enough to accommodate the entire arrangement, center it on the fireplace, and put the arrangement back just as you had it before.

Getting the right sized rug may be enough of an investment. That’s why we recommend natural fiber; it will make the investment more bearable. And, it will make your arrangements look like a pro did it.

  1. Neutral Color Paint w/Bold Color Accessories

Generally speaking, the reactions between entering a room with bold-colored walls versus a room with neutral-colored walls can differ like night and day.

There’s a reason for this. And professional decorators not only know it; they use it with their clients.

It’s also expensive to update your floors or reupholster your furniture. But repainting in those areas with a neutral color, maybe an earth tone, will set the stage for the second part of this trick.

The second part is to choose accessories with bold colors to add healthy contrast to the room. Bold colors are usually better in the accessories rather than the walls.

  1. Subway Tile

Subway tile is still a great-looking and inexpensive way to update either a kitchen or bathroom. It can give your space a real “wow” factor, and it won’t dig too much into your budget.

There are at least a couple ways you can go here. One is to go with one color for the whole space. Usually, people go for the classic white for a clean look which still stuns even today.

However, subway tile also comes in other colors and sizes. Maybe you can bring another color into the mix to create some contrast without going outside the expected decorator look.

  1. Improvise Your Library

Here’s a clever way to add a classic feature to your home. Create your own “built-in” book shelving. Built-in book libraries have always been regarded as something very practical for people with lots of books. In the 1930’s, this feature became more commonplace, and has been included in many home designs, even to this day.

However, the investment to create the real deal would be huge. So here’s where you get creative.

Take two tall standing bookcases and stand them next to each other in the spot you want them. Take some wall anchors and secure each unit to the wall together. You can do something similar with four smaller units, stacking two and anchoring them together to the wall.

  1. Framing

Let’s use the example of a fireplace to demonstrate this. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you’ll get the idea, and you’ll be able to adapt it anywhere.

So your wall color is just what you want, but there’s a huge empty area between your mantle and the ceiling. You don’t have any art. So frame it with four pieces of molding to create a square in the space.


So who needs a professional decorator when you have great tips like these? We hope you found something that will allow you to make your home look like a pro came through.