Best Digital Adaptations of In-Person Entertainment Experiences

Before the Internet, options for entertainment were almost strictly limited to in-person experiences. But, in the nearly 30 years that the World Wide Web became publicly available, a lot has changed in the ways we communicate, live our lives, and have fun.

All of these once real-life-only activities now have a digitally worthy counterpart that can offer similar levels of enjoyment. It really depends on the type of person you are, and the balance you can strike between in-person and digital fun. Take a look at some of the best digital adaptations of in-person entertainment experiences.


Remember when “catching up with a friend” meant meeting up with them in person, preferably over a cup of coffee or a hearty lunch? Well, with the advent of social networking, catching up is something that can be done without linking up. And sometimes, it doesn’t have to involve any direct interaction. Sometimes, all we have to do to see what a friend has been up to is check out their Facebook wall or Instagram feed.

Even before mega social networking sites, there was text messaging. Now, there are group chats and FaceTime calls. FaceTime is a true luxury for friends, family members, and lovers who are miles apart. Thanks to the ability to socialize digitally, the time in-between actual visits doesn’t have to feel so long.


There are plenty of reasons why fitness is moving from the gym to the home. For some, it can be the right environment for those who may be feeling too anxious or insecure to join a local gym just yet. For others, it can save on the time that it would take for them to travel to their nearest exercise facility. There are tons of personal trainers who are crossing over and creating digital programs to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Kayla Itsine’s Sweat program is a perfect example of that.


Many moons ago, for many, they had to travel far to find a land-based casino in order to get their gambling on. These days, that problem is a thing of the past. With various legal casino sites available on different digital platforms, you can now play casino games from the comfort of your home. Since its inception two decades ago, the online casino industry has been booming and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And for good reason.

It’s convenient. It’s comfortable. You can take an online seat a table game and not worry about anyone judging you and there are a lot of sweet bonuses you can snag from online play.


Never has there been a time in history where you had access to so much knowledge at your fingertips. Before, if a subject interested you, or you wanted to catch up on the news, you would have to take a trip to the library or read the morning paper. Now, we receive notice of groundbreaking news through a Twitter or News App notification. There isn’t much that’s out-of-reach when it comes to what we can learn on the Internet. Whether that’s a new language, coding, or a recipe for tonight’s dinner.

People are learning new things every day through YouTube and more dedicated learning sites like Udemy.


Gone are the days where the few options for in-person outdoor games existed (I’m looking at you, red rover and hide-and-go-seek). Now, even board games have gone digital. Digital gaming has even expanded in the Virtual Reality realm. From gaming consoles to first-person shooter games, your options for online gaming fun are truly endless.


Before, if you wanted a new pair of boots, you would go to the mall and hope that one of the stores has the style you want on the shelves. Now, you can peruse pages of different boot styles to find the exact one you want, and have it shipped straight to your door. You can even go grocery shopping online now, which many people seem to enjoy because you can see the grand total wracking up as you throw items into your cart. Thanks to sites like Amazon, you can get many items cheaper than they are in stores and sent to your home in 24 hours. Yes. A single day.


From dating apps to matchmaking services, you don’t even have to put on your best shoes to make a good, first impression on someone. Dating apps take away some of the guesswork and anxiety that comes with dating. With dating profiles, you can get a gist of who a person is, and if you wanted to do further research, you could look into their social media profiles and compare interests before deciding to actually meet up with them in person.

What are some digital adaptations of in-person experiences that you’re most thankful to have access to?