Westside Family Church


Westside Family Church has been a growing family within the community of Lenexa, Kansas since 1976. Their mission is “Love Jesus, Become Jesus, Share Jesus”, they pride themselves with being active parts of the community. Westsiders of the community believe in living out their faith to the people around them offering volunteer work, connecting in life group studies, growth classes and much more.

Here are some ways you can give back to your community

  1. Offer to help a local family

We can all agree that with the consistent hustle and bustle of life we sometimes could use a helping hand. There’s not always enough time in the day but donating your time can go a long way. Not to mention the costs of care. If there’s someone within your community that you notice needs a hand and you have the time to spare do it, offer. A lot of the times we aren’t able to complete all our daily tasks, so offer to watch kids or sit with an elderly neighbour after when you have time. Look out for the best interest of those around you the smallest things help. Maybe they are having a hard time financially and could use a clothing donation, or things you have laying around the house you don’t use any more.

  1. Volunteer at your local school

Teachers have an exhausting yet very rewarding job. They also have to be fully responsible for 20 plus children and make sure they’re all well looked after on top of teaching. So if there’s an opportunity to help whether it be, chaperoning a field trip, lunch monitor, watching kids on the school yard, or even just cleaning the school grounds. All of these things will be recognized.

  1. Charity Yard Sale

We all have things we often let collect dust in our attics, on our shelves, tucked away in closets. Why not organize a chairtable yard sale that goes back into the community! Talk to your neighbours and friends and see if they have anything they would like to donate as well. Put up posters and schedule it a few weekends in advance, and watch the community come together.

  1. Cook and Prepare meals

Unfortunately there are people within the community that are struggling. Offer to help cook and prepare meals for them. You can do this yourself or you can reach out to your local churches and members to help. A lot of communities already have a place set up, you just have to show up and help. Ask around or look online to find resources closest to you.

  1. Serve on a community board

When serving on a community board you have a say on what things can be implemented into your community to over all help it. You can lead in organizing fundraisers, festivals, banquets and so much more. This helps your neighbours and community members come together and opens more doors to helping one another.