4 Romantic Travel Spots For a Honeymoon Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone wants to have a magnificent honeymoon. They want to travel across the world to Exotic locations, and make memories to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, we are not all rich. By the time we have taken care of spending all the money for the wedding and all the associated expenses, there is not much left. An around the world trip is usually far from what’s left in the budget. This does not mean you can’t take a wonderful honeymoon that you will remember forever. It means you just have to take a little bit more time and effort to plan out something special. We have collected a few wonderful locations for honeymoons that won’t break the bank but will make it feel like you are living the dream.

Honolulu, Hawaii 

When all is said and done, one of the best honeymoon vacations from the US is Hawaii. There is no need for travel visas, and the flight itself is not that long. When you get to Hawaii, it’s as if you’ve entered a completely new world, but you also don’t have monetary conversions, strange laws, or anything else as it is one of the US States. You can find some amazing bargains on airfares to Hawaii that will take you there quite inexpensively. If you stay at a hotel just off the beaten track, you can also get some amazing bargains. Many of the hotels are a short walk to the white beaches where you will spend a lot of time on your honeymoon anyway. One of the old school ways of traveling to Hawaii on a budget is to take one of the package deals, but when you get to Hawaii, avoid all of the free tours that have been offered. Usually, they are thinly-disguised shopping trips. Hawaii is one of our favourite destinations for a honeymoon.

Big Sur California 

Another wonderful honeymoon is Big Sur. In fact, you can package it all into a road trip and drive from Los Angeles to Big Sur and stop at so many of the beautiful places along the way. The Pacific Coast Highway is considered one of the most beautiful drives in the country, so it is a great place to start. Big Sur has some amazing scenery, and many wonderful places to explore. You can stay in a small bed-and-breakfast, and experience all that nature. When you have had enough of nature, it’s only a short drive to San Jose or San Francisco, where you can hit the art galleries and do all the big city things. It is definitely a place to make some memories.

Tulum, Mexico 

If you want to explore some Mayan ruins as they overlook one of the most beautiful oceans and beaches on the Caribbean Coastline of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, then this is where you have to be. Tulum is not as expensive or as touristy as nearby Cancun, but it is just as beautiful and has a lot to see. It probably has the largest variety of hotel pricing of the cities out that way, so with a little digging you can find some amazing deals. This is one of those locations where you must make sure you have enough batteries for your camera.


Thailand is a great place for a honeymoon in Southeast Asia. There is so much to see, from ancient temples to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are often discount flights to Thailand, and there are websites that you can set up alerts for the best pricing. Hotels in Thailand are an amazing bargain. We have found them to be some of the best hotels for the least expensive prices in all of Southeast Asia. Unlike Hong Kong when we have found the hotels to be some of the more expensive in Southeast Asia. Thailand has a tremendous amount of culture and the people are always smiling. If you want the most relaxing and beautiful time you can get, try Krabi, there are 130 islands there that you can get lost on and relax on as if you were the only ones in the world. If you like a bit more excitement with your relaxation, you can try Koh Samui or Phuket, and enjoy the shopping and party scene as well as the beaches. There is something for everyone here.

Wherever you decide to Honeymoon, with a little research and patience you can find some of the most beautiful places in the world that will not cost you your next year’s mortgage. The honeymoon is all about you and experiencing memories to last you a lifetime. The locations above are time-tested and true. Wherever you decide to go we wish you the best in your new life.