Five benefits of living in Osceola County, Iowa

If you’re a proud Osceola County resident, Daniel DeKoter believes to discover 5 key benefits of living in your home county.

Five Benefits of living in Osceola County, Iowa:

1. Osceola Country boasts a wide array of affordably priced properties to suit every budget

One reason why so many individuals are choosing to move to Osceola County is that it offers exceptional value when it comes to purchasing property. It’s the perfect destination for first home hunters and growing families to move to as home hunters will be able to purchase a large 3-5 bedroom home in Osceola County, for the same price that they’d expect to pay for a small 2 bedroom home in an expensive city like Los Angeles or Dallas.

2. Osceola County is one of the most affordable areas in Iowa to live in

One major benefit of living in Osceola County, Iowa is that your daily living expenses will be 10% cheaper than the national average. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if when you visit other regions around the country, that the groceries that you’ll see in the grocery stores which you visit will be 10% more expensive, than the groceries which you purchase back at home in Osceola County.

You should also find that purchasing gas and paying for your power bill, will be significantly cheaper in Osceola County than in other parts of the country.

3. Iowa boasts a literacy rate of 99% which is due in part to its superb education system

Iowa has the distinction of having the highest literacy rate in the USA. Which should come as no surprise as Iowa is well known for providing excellent public schools. Which boast low teacher to student ratios, which ensure that each child is given adequate attention from their teachers and that no child slips through the cracks of the public education system.

So if you’re interested in starting a family or are already a proud parent, it’s well worth staying put in Osceola County. After all, no other state in the US boasts an impressive high school graduation rate of 90%.

4. Iowa boasts the lowest crime rate in the country

Another reason why it’s well worth staying put in Iowa for the foreseeable future is that Iowa has the lowest crime rate in the country. As well as having the second lowest murder rate in the country. So if you appreciate living in a state where you feel safe enough to leave your front door open or to let your children play outside in your property’s front yard, you should thank your lucky stars that you currently live in the safest state in the country!

5. You’ll never have to sit in a traffic jam, while you live in Iowa

While traffic jams and early morning commutes which take over half an hour may be commonplace in other states, it will be a rare occasion when you’ll come to a standstill in Iowa, due to a traffic jam.

If you’re a proud Osceola County native or resident, it’s definitely well worth stopping to smell the roses and to realize how lucky you are to call Osceola County, Iowa home!