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5 Little known facts about Nenadi Usman

By far the most famous woman in Nigeria right now in Nenadi Usman, a former teacher, businesswoman and high profile politician who has forever changed Nigeria’s economy and policies. To learn five little-known facts about Usman, simply continue reading.

Five little-known facts about Nigeria’s most successful female politician Nenadi Usman:

1. Nenadi Usman is a highly educated individual who values education

As Nenadi Usman once served as a teacher, it should come as no surprise that she is a highly educated individual who boasts a degree in geography from the Ahmadu Bello University, which is located in Zaira. Furthermore, upon graduating from Ahmadu Bello University, Usman chose to pursue a post-graduate diploma from the University of Jos. Which happens to be one of the most highly regarded universities in Nigeria.

2. As well as being a teacher Usman was also a successful businesswoman

While Usman’s former career as a teacher often makes headlines in Nigeria, only Usman’s most staunch followers know that she is also an acclaimed businesswoman. During her time in the finance industry, Nenadi Usman was hired as the managing director of Dana Ventures and was also employed as an executive advisor at Kaduna State.

3. During her political career, Usman has earnt various titles

As well as being the current senator for Kaduna South, which is the community which Usman grew up in, she has also held the position of being a member-elect of the House of Representatives and served Nigeria as the Minister of Finance. Other roles which Usman has taken on in the past include commissioner for environment and natural resources and the commissioner for health.

4. A large percentage of Nigerians would like to see Usman campaign for the role of president

As Nenadi Esther Usman has already served as the minister of finance, the commissioner for environment and natural resources and the commissioner for health, many citizens think that Nenadi Esther Usman would make a strong candidate for the office of president of Nigeria, in the near future.

According to Paymyessaywriter.com, a future presidential candidate should be able to handle Nigeria’s finance and economic affairs as well as Nigeria’s health care plans and environmental policies. Whether Nenadi Usman ever chooses to run for the presidential office, remains to be seen. However, as Usman is focused on doing everything she can to make her country a better place to live, her supporters shouldn’t be too shocked if she does decide to campaign for what is arguably the single most important job in Nigeria!

5. Nenadi Usman is a staunch, passionate advocate for women’s rights

In fact, Usman has started her own NGO which is focused on the empowerment and education of women, which has its headquarters in Jerle, which is Usman’s hometown. Furthermore, Nenadi Usman has frequently spoken out about the importance of women being encouraged to pursue higher education and to apply for high powered roles in each sector of the Nigerian economy!

One thing is for sure, there is a very good reason why Nenadi Esther Usman is a household name in her home nation of Nigeria!