Tips to Enjoy a Campervan Trip

Campervan Trip

Campervan Trip

The campervan frenzy is slowly sweeping across the globe, dragging families into its web.  A quick scan and search through social media platforms will reveal trips people made through New Zealand, Australia or Iceland in a campervan.

These converted vehicles mostly feature makeshift kitchens and miniature beds that transform into tables for eating or reading.  The idea is to allow travellers to enjoy the thrill of the wild outdoors while retaining the comfort of the home. If you are yet to take a campervan trip or planning one, here are tips to keep in mind for the journey ahead:

Check the Van and Travel Gear Before You Go

Before you drive out with the van, carry out careful checks to ensure it’s safe for driving. The van needs to be ready for any hitch you may encounter on the road. Once you have the keys and ready to head out, reassess your needs and head to the store if need be. Ask questions and ensure everything is accounted for. You need to be properly protected to ensure you aren’t in trouble if anything should go wrong with your van.

Don’t Overpack

A careful look at the van will show you the little space you have and the importance of being minimal while packing. Before you throw in those sweatshirts and swimsuits, ask yourself if you really need more than three of them. If you can survive with just a pair of boots and two shirts, then drop everything else. You will soon find out how important every little space is.

Have More Than Enough Food

Well, this depends on your destination, but you might want to stock up on food and provisions before leaving civilization. Buy some extra fuel and trail mix which you can take along with you on paddling or hiking excursions. Get some sealed plastic containers too to preserve the food items. You may be a lover of little animals, but out in the wild, the curious mouse is not your friend.

Make Use of Popular Campsites

While wild camping is allowed in some countries, most governments provide campsites for travellers and campers to rest in for some days in the week. If you are lucky, you could enjoy a hot shower, meet other people, do some laundry and carry out any van repairs.  It is important to keep an eye out for these campsites and also stay in touch with fellow travellers to survive the unknown wild ahead.

Keep Your Itinerary Loose

The thrill of campervan travel is that you have a makeshift and mobile home with you, enabling you to go wherever you please. You may want to make the most of that by keeping your plans flexible and staying longer at places you love.  This allows you to truly take in the best the trip has to offer.

Plan for Extreme Temperatures

Depending on your destination, and the season of the year, you may need to plan for extreme temperatures.  Ensure you move with a van that has proper air-conditioning or stock up with hot water bottles and warm blankets. If you are travelling across the outback of Australia, you may want to include sunscreen in your item checklist.

Wrapping Up

The fun of campervan travel is balanced with responsibilities and limitations which may make it tough for a first-time traveller. With these tips, you could prepare yourself for these limitations and enjoy your camping trip. Don’t forget to keep a bottle of wine handy. You never know when you’ll encounter an epic sunset.