The Most Iconic Must-See Landmarks in Canada

Canada is an amazing country that offers endless fun and excitement to everyone who visits.  From the amazing city views to the brilliant artists and awesome natural beauty that fill this country: you’ll never run out of things to see and do!

These are the most iconic and must-see landmarks any tourist should visit while in this awesome Country.  Although they’re all unique, they’re all still incredibly Canadian. 

The CN Tower

There’s no part of Canada as iconic as the CN Tower in downtown Toronto.  Touching the sky at over five hundred meters tall, his communications and observation tower is one of the most incredible stops for anyone to make.  From this high, you can take in most of the city views from the islands to homes for sale in Toronto and enjoy how peaceful and quiet the city feels from this high up. 

Although you can take the stairs, a fancy and fast elevator is a far better option, rocketing you up to the top in no time so you can enjoy the city views while standing in one of the most iconic locations in Canada.

Glaciers in Jasper

Have you ever seen a glacier in person?  How about walking out onto one?  In Jasper Provincial Park, a smaller park in Alberta, you can enjoy walking on a glacier and taking in the most incredible mountain views in the world.

All of Jasper is breathtaking, but the glaciers are the real stars.  In the spring, the rivers turn bright blue from the minerals in glacial water and are exciting to swim and kayak in despite the cold.

While you’re here, try some of the best breakfast foods and coffee in the country, and don’t be afraid to get active while you’re on vacation!

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

In North Vancouver, nestled in British Columbia, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is a feat for the daring and brave who want to take in the most incredible views in the world.  This bridge is 140 meters long, a full 70 meters above the river.  Drawing in over 1.2 million followers every year, it gives plenty of people the thrill they’re seeking while safely carrying them above treetops and through the mountain range.  Although the trail is popular, it’s not a tourist trap cliche and offers real history and insight into the area.

Whistler Blackcomb

After the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, drive just a couple of hours out of town and get to see Whistler Blackcomb!  This go-to tourism hot spot offers the chance to take part in any winter sport that interests you while also encouraging you to take part in the fun, soothing spa lifestyle the locals offer.  Visiting here surrounds you with some of the most iconic mountain views the city has to offer while also encouraging you to keep active and have fun.

Canada Has Plenty to See and Do

Whether you’re interested in taking up a winter sport or you want to explore some of the most incredible views in the world: Canada has you covered.  Consider visiting and getting to see these amazing destinations while you’re here!