The Best Solar Generator & Other Crucial Items To Bring On Your Camping Trip


Whether you are camping with the entire family, a couple of close friends, or all by yourself, camping is a great way to experience nature and reset your brain. Many people like to take as few items as possible when they are camping. They don’t want to have to have a huge cleanup time after camping. Others love bringing all the comforts of home. They don’t want to be uncomfortable in a tent and want to be able to stay in touch with everyday life. Regardless of which type of person you are, there are specific items you want to make sure to bring camping with you when you go out. Keep reading to check out our list.



Having complete solar power kits can assist you with anything you need electronics wise without needing to find a plugin.  The best thing to do is to charge your solar kits prior to going camping to ensure they will have enough solar. If you are going camping for more than a couple day, make sure to have the solar panels out and towards the sun to ensure they continue to work. By having a completely solar kit you can enjoy almost all the amenities of home while in nature. They are also helpful for things like powering your cell phone so you can take great pictures.

Pocket shower

One of the things people dislike most about camping is the feeling of being dirty. If you are not camping with an RV, a pocket shower may be the answer you are looking for. There are also other ways to have a quick shower. You can bring baby wipes and help get rid of any odors and help yourself to feel clean again. If there is a river close by your campsite you can always bath off there too. If you are in a campsite, many campsites over showers for a small charge.


I just love Hammocks! A very easy item to throw in your camping gear is a hammock. A hammock is great for multiple reasons. It is easy for setting up on a warm day under the trees. You can throw it in your bag if you are going on a hike and find two trees and enjoy a nap or a read in the hammock. A hammock is also great because it doesn’t take up much room at all. It can squish into almost anything like a day backpack or your car and it’s okay if the weather does not cooperate so you are unable to use it. Hammocks come in many different materials depending on your shape. Grab a hammock and start relaxing outdoors!


Light is critical when you are camping. There are many reasons for it. Depending what time and where you are going will depend on when the sun goes does. Sometimes it can go down early and you spend the evening in the dark. You need to find things, go to the bathroom, and much more. Make sure you bring a reliable light with you to ensure you are not sitting in the dark for hours and hours on end.


A map is probably the most important item you can have whenever you go camping or are in the wilderness. A map can show you what dangers may be around, how far you are from items like food or gas and will show you how to get to your next destination or a city. A map is very important to keep in your car anytime you are going camping. It can also help you have the number of a ranger closeby to help you in case anything went wrong.

First aid supplies

It’s important to be prepared, even for items that are out of your control. Falling and other unfortunate events can occur while camping. By having a first aid kit with you it will help keep you safe in case any of these were to happen. Have a variety of items like bandaids, painkillers, antibacterial cream, and more. These items can help for minor injuries. It’s also important to note where the closest hospital is in case of an emergency. Many of the times when you are camping you will be out of wifi range and cannot look up the closest hospital. That is why it’s a good idea to note down where and the address before going.


Matches, a lighter, or a fire starter are important for camping. The only reason not to bring them is if there is a fire ban in the area you are heading to. If so, leave them at home. A fire can be the perfect item to cook on, especially if you love eating smores. A fire also adds a special atmosphere when you are going camping that you don’t want to miss. In order to get that atmosphere, matches, lighters, or a fire starter are needed. Make sure you don´t forget them!

We hope you feel more prepared for camping now. It can end up being an excellent experience that will make your friendships even stronger. If you have a spot you love to go to, it can end up being your go-to place on the weekends. Many people love taking a couple days or a long weekend to get away from the noises and stresses of the city. Whatever your reason, we hope you love camping and have a great experience.