Is VR Really Going to be The Future?

Virtual Reality Technologies such as Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, are poised to change the world. Virtual Reality has been desired, and fantasized about, for decades. It is only now that the technology has caught up enough that it has become a reality. Oculus Rift, the first & main player in the game, got it started with a Kickstarter. People wanted Virtual Reality so much they donated over 2 million dollars on the chance that it could be made. We have seen grown men reduced to tears when they first try Virtual Reality. Telling us that it is what they have dreamed about their whole life. Until you experience it yourself, you will not fully understand. Once you try a headset, you will know, and see all the possibilities that are ahead of us for the future. Virtual Reality is an amazing thing, I will change our lives. Here are just a few areas that it will affect.


Gaming is the first and obvious choice for Virtual Reality. Games are often the first players involved in new technologies and push the envelope to make the Technologies better and is a great place to get started. But gaming in Virtual Reality is a huge step forward. Once you have used the headset to play a game, it’s almost impossible to go back to the flat screen. If you are playing a first-person, you are there! You are the first person!


It used to be that if you wanted to see a doctor’s technique on some new operation, you would have to visit them and watch the operation from the observation deck. Now you can put on a headset in Virtual Reality, and be looking over his shoulder. But more importantly thousands of doctors can be looking over his shoulder. Countless lives can be saved around the world by the Learning techniques this way in Virtual Reality.


You can create an item or even a full building in Virtual Reality, and walk around it up close and personal. Instead of imagining how something looks from a cad drawing, you can actually see it function in the virtual world. You can walk through a building that has been designed; experience it as if you were there.


For people that can’t travel, it opens up a vastly new experience. You can put a headset on and visit the Taj Mahal, or even experience climbing Everest. You can stand on a street in London in front of Buckingham Palace, or watch elephants on a plain in Africa. Someone even took the pictures of Mars from the Mars Lander and created an environment that you can stand in and see. So you can literally stand on Mars and look at the skies as if you were there.


It will change education completely. A student will be able to wear a headset and watch recreations of important events, actually be there. Or stand in the Jurassic period and watch a dinosaur go by. A student in a third world country could get a scholarship for Harvard and watch a lecture as if they were sitting in the classroom. You can have somebody teach you a foreign language face to face when you are thousands of miles apart.

Virtual Reality has already changed the world; it’s just that most people don’t realize it yet. It will accelerate faster and faster, and we believe within 10 years almost everybody will have a headset, just like to have a smartphone now. We can hardly wait.