Twitter Can Grow Your Business in More Ways Than You Think

Social media usage is growing at an exponential rate — making it so that you can no longer leave these platforms out of your business marketing strategy, whether you’re a restaurant, a law firm, or a car dealership. While many of these platforms are straightforward, such as Facebook’s business pages and Instagram ads, Twitter is something that leaves many business owners scratching their heads, wondering how to incorporate it into their enterprise. With more than 300 million active users, Twitter definitely holds a lot of sway with consumers — the question remains, how do you use Twitter to grow your business? Here are some helpful tips that will send you tweeting on your way.

Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are a great way to showcase a product, grow your brand exposure, or simply make a marketing statement. A twitter card is a special box that shows up when you execute a tweet that others are then able to retweet and share, growing the exposure of that particular subject. Twitter cards help you maximize the performance of individual tweets. Twitter cards can be made by adding a short line of code to your site. There are seven different kinds of Twitter cards:

  • A summary card, containing a description and a thumbnail
  • A summary card with a large image
  • A photo card, where the photo is displayed before the text
  • A gallery card, which includes multiple photos
  • An app card, for promoting an application
  • A player card which allows you to implement video
  • A product card, which can be used to showcase your products

Engage Your Audience

It’s not enough just to gain a large Twitter following — although that’s definitely a step in the right direction. But you don’t just want to grow a large following of random people, you want to grow a targeted audience that will engage with your brand and eventually translate into lead generation. Start by tweeting regular content relevant to your industry that is informative and enticing. It is helpful to use bright visuals to catch the eyes of users.

Use consistent hashtags when you post that are also target keywords on your website, helping you attract the right kind of audience. For example, if you own a restaurant use hashtags such as “pizza” or “dessert”, depending on the content of your post. Once you have garnered an engaged audience, you’re more likely to get clicks on your posts, driving more traffic to your website, which is one effective way to grow your business using Twitter. This is another helpful tool that can also drive more traffic through your Twitter account.

Optimize Your Profile

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not optimizing their Twitter profile to its fullest potential. Keep your cover image up to date and relative to your brand, using your logo, for example. Implement an attractive cover photo — but make sure your profile image doesn’t cover any important aspects.

You get 160 characters for your business bio, so make them count. Use a succinct and enticing description of your brand that makes readers want to learn more about you. It can be useful to bring in a copywriter for this task, someone with experience in creating short, crafty headlines. As far as your Twitter handle goes, using your domain name is probably the easiest way for people to recognize and subsequently follow you on Twitter. Make sure your domain name is catchy and creative — this is a helpful tool for designing a unique domain name.

Grow Potential Influencers

Twitter is not just for gaining potential clients — but also powerful partners. Influencers within your particular field already have the followers that you are looking for, so it’s helpful to be able to identify and engage with them. Retweet their content or send your own content in their direction using the @ symbol in your tweets. Establishing relationships with these influencers opens up doors for potential earnings. There are tons of online services you can use to help you identify with and categorize potential influencers, like Twitter can be a powerful business outreach tool.

Gaining Subscribers

This is something most Twitter users probably don’t even think about — and they are definitely missing out on a great opportunity. A great way to gain email subscribers via Twitter is to advertise free offers over the Twitter platform, similar to a Facebook campaign. Users that click on this offer will be directed to a page where they have to enter their email address and in this way you will immediately gain an email subscriber. Twitter can be a powerful way to grow your subscriber base which absolutely helps expand your business.