Improve Communication Within Your Team

Team communication is vital for the success of a business. Without it, productivity suffers and innovation is stymied. Poor team communication also leads to misunderstandings, arguments, missed deadlines, and a lot of unnecessary stress for everyone involved.

All this spells trouble for your company’s bottom line. Good communication is something that all of us can get behind. Luckily, there are a lot of effective ways to improve communication within your team, even as it grows. Here we take a look at three of the most effective means of boosting team communication starting right now so every aspect of your business can run like clockwork.

1. Reset the Communication Lines

For this, you are going to need a really good tool that will allow you to take your teamwork to another level. For instance, whether your team works right next to each other or if they work remotely, having a high-quality piece of software can greatly enhance team communication. There are a lot of affordable tools that you can use to streamline all communication between your team members. Instead of working with reply-all emails or having to use multiple apps to get work done, one simple platform like Jostle or Simpplr can help organize everything in one place, making things a whole lot easier for everyone.

2. Use a Printed Newspaper

Internal newspapers can be used for so much more than just pinging co-workers about upcoming events. In fact, a printed company newspaper is an incredible tool for improving communication within your team. These days you can design a fun, helpful, and engaging newspaper quickly thanks to the evolution of technology. Newspaper printing online has never been easier! Your team will not only have something that helps improve their communication, but they will also look forward to all the other news, conversations, and recurring sections contained in it. Use a printed newspaper as part of your internal communication strategy to inform, educate, and entertain your team.

3. Use Mobile to Your Advantage

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. You need to take advantage of this technological advancement to get your team to communicate with each other better. There’s a great benefit that comes with making information instantly available for the members of your work team. You can leverage mobile by integrating it into your team’s project management software so that you’ll be able to keep on top of important projects on the go. From text messages to calls, there’s never an excuse not to be in the know at any time.