What Is a Recycling Baler and What Are They Used For?

Waste disposal is an issue for all businesses, and the larger the operation, the more waste needs to be managed. Recycling balers are often used by businesses to solve the problem of waste—but what exactly are balers?

Recycling balers can be of use for different kinds of businesses. Balers are typically found in warehouses, factories, distribution centers, recycling plants, supermarkets, and drugstores, however, there are many other different types of businesses that can benefit from the use of balers. 

What Are Recycling Balers Used For?

Recycling balers are used to compact recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum. They facilitate the separation and compaction of different waste streams and the sorting of waste into small bundles that are easy to manage and dispose of.

How Do Recycling Balers Work?

The way that recycling balers work is that an electric-powered metal platen (also known as a Ram) crushes waste in order to compact it. Untreated waste typically takes up a lot more space than compacted waste, and most of this space is simply air! Think about flattening cardboard boxes or crushing cans for your home recycling, only on a larger scale. 

Most balers contain metal hooks on the bottom door that make sure that the bottom door does not spring back up after the bales have been compacted.

Using a recycling bailer is simple and usually does not require any kind of specialist training. Most balers can be operated by simply lifting a cage door, adding waste materials into the chamber, and pressing a button!

What Are the Different Types of Recycling Balers Available?

Recycling balers typically come in two main designs: horizontal and vertical balers. Which type is best depends on the needs of each individual business, and how much space is available to store the machine. 

There are also different types of balers designed to compact specific materials. When choosing the right baler for your needs, it is useful to consider what types of waste your business primarily produces.

What Are the Advantages of Using Recycling Balers?

Using balers is an efficient way to save time during the entire waste disposal and recycling process, especially if your business produces a lot of waste quickly. Balers eliminate the need to manually separate different waste materials, and the small, neat bundles of waste that they produce are easier to transport and dispose of than loose waste, as well as taking up much less space in trashcans or skips.

The ease of recycling that balers provides also enables your business to be more environmentally friendly, and even reduce the costs of waste collection. Overall, a recycling baler can save your business time, money, storage space, and also improve working conditions for employees! 

Recycling balers can vary in price, so it is worth doing some research in order to get the best deal possible. In many cases, purchasing a used or refurbished recycling baler can save you a lot of money and it’ll still be just as effective as a brand new one—after all, they are designed to be extremely tough and durable, and to last many, many years.