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Alan Bohms – Reasons to Spend Time in Nature

Getting out into nature is one of the most amazing ways to spend your time. Unfortunately however so many of us are hooked on activities from devices and from other means, that few of us are actually able to just relax in nature, and to take in the beauty of what we are seeing. With this being said however there are still many truly wonderful reasons why you can leave your house behind and get out into nature to enjoy all that the world has to offer.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should get out into the natural landscape.


I got into nature photography because of my idol Alan Bohms, a phenomenal photographer who has really inspired me for a long time when it comes to photography. Not only is this a wonderful branch of photography to enjoy, but it is also a great reason to spend some time in nature. Waiting for that most amazing shot, watching the animal kingdom go about its day and seeing the world at different times during the day is truly amazing. This is one of my favorite reasons for getting into nature for a little while.

Camping With Friends

Being out in nature is not just about gazing upon the landscape and drinking in the fresh air, although it probably should be. A great way to spend your time in nature therefore is to spend it with friends on a camping trip. When you go camping it is the ultimate escape from your daily life and it is a great way for you to embrace nature without necessarily focusing on it 100%. This is a great way to have some fun experiences and create memories with your friends.

Bird Watching

Bird watching gets a bad rep in all honesty and is considered to be something of a boring hobby. The reality is however that the bird kingdom is truly fascinating and you really don’t get to completely appreciate it until you get out there with your binoculars on and get a close up of a bird. There are hundreds of species of birds to find and the challenge becomes finding as many birds as you possibly can. Not only finding the birds, but catching them in their natural habitat is the most amazing way to see them.


Getting to do a little bit of sport whilst you are out and about in nature is another great way of enjoying yourself and fishing is the perfect nature hobby. Getting out onto a river or lake and fishing for sport is a fun way to relax in nature and to wile the hours away. This truly is a wonderful way to switch off from the world and to reconnect with the natural environment around you.

These are ways in which you can get involved with nature without necessarily doing nothing during your time there. Why not give it a go?