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How You Can Make Sure Botox Effects Last Longer

When it comes to botox Chevy Chase MD Sally Webster knows all about the fears and concerns that customers have before they have those handy little injections. Over a recent Zoom call with Sally she informed us of all of the common queries and worries that people have and surprisingly we learned that one of the most commonly asked questions was not about the pain or the safety, but rather about the longevity of the effects.

On average they say that the effects of botox lasts for between 3 and 6 months. This in fact is actually quite a big difference because if we are talking about someone who’s effects last 3 months and someone who’s last 6, the latter is actually getting double the impact for the same procedure. The question then that Sally Webster MD is always asked, is ‘how best to look after the effects of botox?’ And here is how.

First Day

The longevity of botox actually begins on day one, just after the injections have been administered. What the customer should do is spend at least an hour making a number of facial expressions like extreme anger, happiness and surprise. The reason for this slightly strange request is that in doing so you can ensure that the botox is moved around beneath the skin and that it can be evenly spread out. If botox is too dense in a certain area then the lower layer will be absorbed more quickly into the body.

No Risks

The two most damaging things that you can do to your skin is to be dehydrated or to harm it with actions like smoking or drinking. Naturally therefore these are the two main things to avoid if you are looking to ensure that your botox does last for the 6 months that you are hoping for. If you are a smoker for example then you cannot expect the effects of the treatment to last for much longer than 3 months.

Good Skincare Routine

Botox is not immune to positive or negative actions and that is why it will always be a great idea to ensure that you have a regular skincare routine which will ensure that you keep you skin looking great and feeling great. he crux of this comes down to hydrating the skin and ensuring that you are applying a high quality moisturizer and toner to not only keep the skin clean, but also to ensure that it has the proper elasticity which natural skin should have. After a couple of weeks the botox is your skin and your skin is the botox, so in caring daily for your skin you are also going to be caring daily for the effects of the botox which has been injected.

The reality is that caring for botox and its impacts is the same as caring for your skin, which is a good daily routine and the avoidance of doing damage to your skin.