Ford Focus Oil Components Explained

Learn more about essential maintenance routines for your Ford Focus. Prevent engine damage by understanding your Ford’s oil components, learning how to perform an ignition coil test and other basic maintenance steps to keep your engine running smoothly and starting efficiently. Don’t wait until a minor maintenance step becomes a major engine issue, but follow these steps to identify any oil component problems or ignition issues.

How to Test If an Oil Filter Is Working

Ford Focus oil filters are essential for keeping your engine properly lubricated. Over time, contaminants in your oil can compromise your fuel efficiency and your engine’s performance. A fuel filter can keep your oil clean, but over time it can become dirty and clogged which reduces its efficiency.

One way to ensure your filter remains clean is to replace it with every oil change. Premium fuel filters are designed to last the lifetime of an oil change before being replaced. If you believe you have an issue with your filter here are some signs that your filter may not be working properly:

  • Sputtering engine
  • Decreased performance
  • Low oil pressure
  • Black exhaust smoke

These clogged or dirty oil filter signs are also signs that you need an oil change. Old oil can break down and quickly clog your filter. It also may not lubricate your engine properly, so changing your oil is an important maintenance step that is far more affordable than repairing a damaged engine.

Consider changing your motor oil when you replace the filter. A new filter may quickly become clogged again with excess debris and other contaminants in your oil. Replacing both your filter and your oil is an essential maintenance step that can keep your engine running efficiently and prevent additional damage.

What Is an Ignition Coil?

Another important component of your Ford Focus is the ignition coil. A damaged or inefficient coil can prevent you from starting your engine. If your engine is sputtering, your fuel economy is dropping or you’re having difficulties starting your engine consider replacing your ignition coil.

Test the coil to see if it’s working properly. A multimeter is a great way to safely test that your coil is working. If not, a replacement coil should restore your fuel economy and engine performance. Don’t continue to drive your Ford Focus if you experience engine issues, but ask a local auto parts technician about a replacement ignition coil.

Use caution when replacing your ignition coil. This component converts 12-volt current from your battery into 15,000 to 20,000 volts to allow your spark plugs to operate effectively. Be sure to safely disconnect the ignition coil before handling.

Find Your Ford Focus Maintenance Parts Today

Keep your oil, oil filter and ignition coil working efficiently with quality Ford Focus auto parts. Learn more at your local auto parts store or find more information online about your oil components and ignition system. Restore your Ford Focus and enjoy improved fuel economy with these essential maintenance steps. Enjoy affordable maintenance with leading brands of oil filters, ignition coils and more.