Roger Wolfson – Reasons to Start Writing

Roger Wolfson is one of the world’s finest scriptwriters and through the years he has worked on some award winning TV shows. I have often seen Roger give interviews in magazines and something he always mentions is how he believes that everyone has a book in them. Now this may certainly be true but I like to take a slightly different approach, albeit in the same vein, and that is that I believe everyone should write, even if it is just a piece of private writing. No matter whether it is a song, a poem, a ramble, a rant a diary entry or indeed a story, I have always felt that everyone should take the time to pick up the pen and here is why.

Creative Expression

Whether we have made them conscious or not, we all have thousands of thoughts and ideas bubbling around our minds and there is often no way to get them out. To this end I think that writing is a truly magical tool because without even knowing it we begin to express these ideas and these themes on paper which have their foundations in those very thoughts which were once trapped in our minds. Through the creative expression of writing we can churn out those thoughts and breathe life into them, which we may not have been able to do beforehand.


Once you get into the swing of writing it becomes cathartic and you fall into this sort of meditative state, where time no longer really exists, or seems important, and where the only thing that matters is the thought and the word. This is why many say that there is a real relaxation to be found in writing and once you hit that sweet spot, you begin to disappear completely.

Brain Workout

It is of course essential that we keep a healthy brain so as to remain sharp and even so that we can stay heather for longer in our later years. One of the best ways to exercise the brain is to write stories and ideas and thoughts. The reason for this is that we don’t just have these things sitting at the top of our mind waiting to grab them, we have to plunge deep into our minds for them. The sane can be said of vocabulary, just think of how many words you know compared with how many you actually use. When you write you will use more and that is because you are exercising your brain and your memory.

Fun Times

Ultimately there is something very fun in writing, especially once the thought dawns on you that you can write whatever you like. Absolutely any theme, any word and in any order, this is your moment to be as creative as you want and there is nobody who is marking you or giving you a score based on it, this is just for you, and that is where the fun comes in.