Is Brain-Controlled Technology the Future?

Even if mind-controlled technology might sound like a futuristic concept from an 80s Science-Fiction movie, this technology is already available on the market. At the moment, these headsets are still in their early days but, they are a good example of what the future might look like.

Being able to control the gadgets and games around you, through your brain alone sounds exciting because of its benefits, and that future might be closer to us than we expect. A technology for mind control has many benefits, allowing people to interact with the environment around them, without having to move.

The use case scenarios for brain-control are literally endless but, we are trying to shine a light on some of its biggest benefits while looking optimistically at the future.

Better Health

When people are thinking of mind-controlled technologies, they are probably first imagining interacting with cool gadgets around them, in a futuristic manner. However, one of the industries that could benefit the most from this piece of tech is the health district.

Millions of people around the world are suffering from various disabilities that could be fixed through brain-controlled gadgets. In a better future, people who must use a wheelchair will no longer have to depend on others for their mobility and be able to control the chair through their mind.

Moreover, millions of other people are missing limbs as a result of various less fortunate situations. Through bionic limbs, some of those people would be able to have a normal life yet again. And the best part is that all of those people using bionic limbs would be able to control everything through their brain alone.

Innovative Games

Mind-controlled games could really revolutionize the gaming industry, opening the doors for new opportunities. Such a technology would allow people to control full games with their mind alone, without having to move a single finger.

Even if at the current moment there are various prototypes of such games, their functionalities are still rather limited. Games that are less complex such as puzzle or gambling would be able to play with this technology sooner than others.

Complex games like the action ones with endless moving elements would require the development of a lot more infrastructure in order for the brain controlling tech to work properly.

Gambling would be able to get revolutionized sooner than other gaming niches, thanks to the simpler concepts found in casino games. Imagine being able to play Sizzling Hot without having to touch a single button. That is the future, and it’s closer than we expect.

Moreover, when it comes to gambling, online casino games are not the only ones that could benefit from the brain-control technologies. Real life gambling machines would also have the possibility of being controlled through the brain alone as well, making the whole experience more fun.

Smarter Houses

The concept of smart homes is already present at a basic level in today’ world. Having a smart home basically means that all of the devices surrounding you are “smart” enough to take decisions on their own based on past data. For example, if it rains, the windows would be able to take immediate action to ensure your comfort.

However, in such a world you would still have to interact directly with your devices in order to use them. Even if you would be able to control all of them through your phone, using your mind sounds like a more entertaining option.

In a world like this, people would be able to control everything present in their environment, from the lights to the fridge, through the power of their brain solely.


At the moment, one of the biggest issues mind-control technologies are experiencing is the development of better infrastructures, both when it comes to hardware but also software. The hardware part is highly essential because it is the one responsible for picking up the brain’s data, and transmitting it to the gadget.

Ideally, the mind-control headsets would be simpler and more subtle, allowing people to use them, without standing out too much. The idea of such a wireless subtle headset, in a world where every gadget and game can be controlled by the mind, could very well represent the future.