Improve Board Meetings with the Latest Tech: Board Portal Software

In the constant search for self-improvement, organizations can look inward at their operations or outwards at things like all the new technology hitting the market. When it comes to self-improvement, every organization needs to assess itself and see where tweaks or changes can be beneficial. This will be different for each organization.

But all companies, including Crown agencies, credit unions, and health organizations, can benefit by improving the way their board meetings are conducted. The way an organization’s board of directors conducts itself can set the tone for the rest of the organization, and now there’s technology specifically designed to keep directors connected before, during, and after meetings in a way that’s fundamentally secure — board portal software.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of this technology.

Smart, Powerful Connectivity

Modern communication tools are all about keeping your directors connected to each other in a way that saves them time while powering your organization. Board portal software was designed to do precisely that. Here’s an overview of some of the amazing features you’ll get from board portal software, or you can click here to get tips to improve your board minutes that you can use right away.

The best board portal software has innovative features like automated agenda creators, administrator DIY tools to add or remote committees and directors, and also reports which can track board activity. Board portal software makes it easy to share and annotate board materials with fellow directors, no matter where they’re physically located. They can flag passages in documents that need further attention, and board portal technology provides them with all the tools they need to collaborate remotely.

Streamlined Communications

Board portal software creates one central hub where you’ll find all the meeting materials your organization will ever need, from agendas, attendance reports, minutes from past meetings, and upcoming board materials.

Directors who belong to more than one board will love being able to simply enter their username and password to get instant access to all the board materials they need for every board they belong to — all in one place. Because it’s cloud-based, your directors will have constant access to all important board material, wherever they are. Directors can log in with the device they most prefer to get full access to the software.

Having all communications in one centralized place means that there’ll no longer be a need for directors to flip back and forth between emails and text messages — and this saves them time and frustration. All your directors will love how board portal software integrates seamlessly with the apps you already use to keep organized, such as Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, and Outlook Calendar. Board portal software also has contact information for each director, all in one place.

Board portals also eliminate the need for paper, which costs time and money to ship and also increases an organization’s carbon footprint. Ultimately, board portal software gives your directors the modern tools they need so they can get their work done efficiently and effectively.

Designed for Usability

A software platform is only as powerful as its features that are actually used. It’s essential that software isn’t just capable of performing certain functions; it has to be easy and intuitive enough to use.

Sometimes, it feels like certain software delivers a better and easier experience on a desktop than on a mobile device, which doesn’t have a mouse or a full keyboard. You’ll never have this worry with board portal software.

The finger-swiping and drag-and-drop technology available on board portal apps will already be familiar to directors. It doesn’t matter whether you like using your desktop, tablet, or laptop, or even whether you’re online or offline — you’ll get full use out of your board portal software.

Total Security

Board directors need to feel confident that they’re using a secure platform when discussing sensitive matters. Research shows that despite the sensitive nature of an organization’s communications, about half of all board directors still use personal email accounts to discuss board-related matters.

Board portal software is highly encrypted, and gives you layers of advanced security. The servers storing the information always adhere to independent third-party security certifications. Role-based access makes it easy to control permissions for who in the organization can access what material.

If a company-issued device should go missing, all the board data from it can be scrubbed remotely to eliminate the possibility of a security breach. On the flip side, if a director whose device has gone missing needs to access important board materials, they can simply log in from any other tablet, laptop, or desktop.

It’s understandable that people are worried about hacks and data breaches, given all the high-profile cyber crime that’s taken place targeting both multinational corporations and prominent political parties. A security breach can open you up to legal liability, harm your customers and your organization, and do irreparable damage to your reputation — so it’s best to get protected today by getting board portal software.

Priced Affordably, No Nickel and Diming

Board portal software is a very cost-effective IT solution for small, medium, and large businesses, as well as any organization looking for a powerful and secure communication tool. Look for software that only comes in one inclusive bundle, rather than “lite” versions which don’t include all the features.

While board portal software is designed to be easy to use, you may run into a snag or have some questions. Look for a board portal service that comes with free 24/7 support via phone or text. Not only should a human operator pick up the phone when you call, but they should already be familiar with your company. Some board portal industry leaders also have support staff who have their own first-hand experience being a board director or administrator.

There may be unique ways to improve your organization’s operations which depend on the nature of your industry and your business, but every organization can benefit by having technology that keeps their communications streamlined and secure — get board portal software now to give your board meetings a boost.