How To Improve Your Website – accessibility overlay

The pandemic has been tough on companies all around the world these last couple of years. Many businesses have had to rely on their online presence to keep their business afloat. And many companies have started up new websites in the hopes of doing the same. With all this extra internet activity and new websites being created, the issue of accessibility has become more important than ever for those who are disabled. Fortunately, there are easy ways to improve your website and to make it more accessible. This is where accessibility overlay comes in.

Why is there a need for website accessibility?

I’m sure you would accept that for a disabled person to have full access to a public building, ramps and elevators would be a massive help. The same is true online. There are things that most people take for granted when using the internet but that can cause a lot of problems for others. For example, some may be unable to use a mouse, or it may be a very difficult, painful and frustrating process to do so. So, if they were to have the option to navigate a whole website using just the keyboard, that is going to be a good thing. Others may struggle with the size of the text on a web page. But having the ability to change the font size to a size that suits them, will make there experience a much more positive one. These are just a couple of examples. Disabilities are many and varied and so affect people very differently.

Should I use website accessibility overlay?

Because of the variety of disabilities and the needs that arise from them, many can feel overwhelmed at the thought of making their website fully accessible. Using a website accessibility overlay can take any concerns away and make the whole process easier for you. Software would be added to your site that will then automatically detect and improve any problems with accessibility that it finds. For example, it may add in a tool bar. It may add in options for the size of the font. It may make adjustments to colour contrasts.

As website accessibility is now a legal requirement in many countries, it is important that you make sure you are complying with the laws of your country. Using an accessibility overlay is a quick and easy way to do this.