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5 important things to know about frameless glass pool fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing uses stainless steel clamps as support. The stainless steel clamps act as the base and support fencing that is made completely of glass. They serve the same purpose as a standard fence but also provides you with a clear view of the pool area. Here are 5 important things to know about frameless glass pool fencing:

1) Frameless glass pool fencing is made of a series of seamless panels. The edges of the glass used are well polished making them very smooth. There are no metal attachments on the sides of the glass. It is only firmly supported on the base by metal clamps which are attached to the ground. They are also beautiful and add elegance to the pool area and the house. They are installed to be high making it difficult for anyone, most especially a child, to jump over and go into the pool without your permission or supervision.

2) Frameless Glass pool fencing is transparent and provides you with a clear view of the pool. In like manner, it provides those in the pool with a view of the area, including the home and other things for their viewing pleasure. This allows you to monitor your kids and other people. If you have a party, you can easily keep watch of things happening and be able to provide help if anyone is in danger. In addition, it gives a feeling of serenity and peace.

3) Frameless glass pool fences can be installed on a wooden or concrete floor. Steel clamps are usually attached to the ground and used to secure the panels. At other times, they can be slot fixed. Here, the slots are made in the ground and the panels are then fixed to it. In this kind of installation, the glass appears to be emerging from the ground. Another kind of installation involves fixing the panels below the ground. Bolts are attached to the bottom of the glass and are then fixed below the ground. All of these types of installation ensures the glass is held firmly.

4) Frameless glass gates can resist strong winds and a high amount of pressure. They do not crack or break when a person falls against them. They are not easily detached as they are securely held in place by strong stainless steel hinges.

5) Maintaining a glass pool fencing is relatively easy and doesn’t cost a lot. Unlike pool fencings made with materials like wood or aluminum, glass does not rust or get weakened by water. They can be easily cleaned using regular liquid soap and water. You can use a soft sponge to wipe off stains and rinse off soap using a garden hose. Cleaning is very easy and doesn’t have to be done regularly.