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Gregory Pimstone drives the association’s medical care case practice. He was elected as counsel in various high-profile cases that created milestone choices changing the legitimate scene in the medical care field. Gregory Pimstone is one of the nation’s driving medical care litigators, having been perceived on various events by the Daily Journal as one of the best 100 lawyers in the territory of California and, most as of late, as one of the state’s prominent 20 medical care lawyers.

 He has been providing students and staff with outstanding knowledge and information. He has provided health law information at the University of California at Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall). He is recognised for his remarkable qualities and known as a member of the firm’s Board of Directors and Compensation Committee.

For emergency care to run smoothly, a very extraordinary shift is needed. The process of emergency care needs an enhanced system that can be executed and paid off efficiently. Out-of-network emergency care should not be implemented since it is costly, feeble and gratuitous. It is a hassle for those with no insurance, and if the hospital is not registered as the same insurance company like yours, then the payment for emergency cases is still paid in full cost. There is a possibility of a mishap if out-of-network methods are used regularly in hospitals.

This is why Gregory Pimstone stressed the importance of changes in emergency care to save the patient and staff from putting in extra time and effort. Every patient is urged to get treated in the American medical system, but the method being used may not be that effective as some hospitals concerning various insurance companies do not lawfully or economically support it. 

Gregory Pimstone stressed upon the situation and discussed a better and improved system that is dealt with efficiently so that the patient and their family is not affected in any sort of financial situation concerning the insurance policy. It is the right of every citizen to have their medical bills paid in a feasible way for them and their family. The eradication of out-of-network systems is important since most people are left unattended, and it raises the number of people in the population severely affected by various diseases. 

Another reason to implement changes in emergency care systems is that it causes additional stress among the population. To collect the medical funds for the affordability of their family, people are often involved in illegal activities that impact their health and significantly increase the crime rate. Many factors are related to emergency care methods.

Gregory Pimstone emphasised upon the importance of “change” because he realises the value of appropriate emergency medical services needed in any critical condition to stabilise the patient as it is a basic necessity required by the patient in his difficult time. The policies concerning the emergency cases should be revised and implemented as deemed appropriate for the medical system, medical staff, patients and their families regardless of the insurance policy because lives at risk matter more in emergency medical care.  


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